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Dream a little dream...
winter too
I had a very strange dream last night.

I dreamed I went to work at the White House. We were having a breakfast staff meeting and using the red-banded Reagan-era china set and someone was complaining that they wished the coffee was as good as the china. Then I went to put sugar in my coffee and discovered there wasn't any, there was only artificial sweetener. When I asked one of the kitchen staff for sugar I was told there wasn't any because the chemical company who made the artificial sweetener had donated big money to the Pres and so we were required to use it instead of sugar. Figures, eh?

Also, I seemed to be living there-- I had my own room anyway. And there were cameras in the bedrooms to make sure no one thought about doing anything naughty. (Shades of the Bush Admin's need to have control over what goes on in people's bedrooms!)

It's funny, because after I got to work I googled that china pattern and I had actually remembered it correctly. Isn't it weird the crap that stays in one's brain when one can't remember more important things that it would actually be USEFUL to know?

"Brain and brain, what is brain?"?


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