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RIP Thamiris
I've now heard it from several people so it must be true, but oh, it makes me so sad to think it. thamiris has passed away. She was such an amazing writer, and an even more amazing person with such gusto and guts and grace, and we are surely poorer for her absence. We'll miss you, hon.

(Tham's gorgeous In Principio was the first fiction I ever read by her, and it bears rereading now. I don't think any of you will be offended by this story but just in case, I will note that the pairing is Jehovah/Lucifer and it's definitely NC17.)

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::hugs you::

I've never read this one -- I guess I was afraid I'd be struck by a lightning bolt. But I'm going to go read it now. Thanks for the link.

I've read it several times and never been struck by lightning, but then, I'm a pagan. ;D

So far so good. :) And it was WELL worth reading!

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