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I love this time of year
I am not a summer person.  I hate being hot, and this summer has been that and then some!  So it is with great relief I observe the shortening days, cooler temperatures, and the gorgeous fall colors.  There's a quality to the light this time of year that feels magical, especially around dusk.  Maybe it's because I have a fall birthday, but this time of year always makes me feel-- connected-- to the earth in the way I don't normally.  I feel more alive.  

I took a few photos this weekend, some of a rare visitor to my yard (a melanistic fox squirrel, which I've never seen before!), others are just prettiness.  Look behind the cut to see them.

melanistic fox squirrel
Isn't she gorgeous?  Normally I get annoyed by squirrels eating all my bird seed, but somehow I didn't mind this time.

Here's another shot:
Another pic of the melanistic fox squirrel
She would come right up and take peanuts from my fingers (though she would have nothing to do with a piece of banana-pecan pancake), and even let me touch her head (which I probably shouldn't do, but...). Very brave!

This is the current view looking east from my front walk:
Fall foliage
I know it won't last long, but while it does- wow!

And speaking of that quality of the light at dusk this time of year - here is a shot of last night's sunset, looking west from my back yard.
Fall sunset, Boulder CO

There are more pix on my Flickr stream
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Very nice pictures. I've never seen a black squirrel before. Cool.

You live in a beautiful place, wherever it is...

Yes, I'm very lucky, I really do. I live in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Thanks for the pictures; I tried to find something about my small town in the outskirts of Paris but its site is very poor (and in French of course). the only interesting thing I could show, personally, is my centenarian pear tree in my tiny garden.

I can just envision you on the outskirts of Paris in a quaint town, right? That's pretty cool that you have a centenarian pear tree! Does it still bear fruit?

Well, my town is part old, part modern, as most towns in Europe, I suppose. It's very close to the Capital (my house is half a street away from the official border of Paris) and was the private property of a XVI th century (Francis the first). It's quiet, safe and rather residential. My family has been living there for centuries (quite uncommon nowadays). My house was built in 1896 (I still have the documents) and the pear tree was already there at the time (very uncommon too!). It's very tall (higher than the roof) and still bears fruit, a lot of, huge tough pears, which are better cooked than raw. Sometimes the branches are so heavy with fruit that they fall down suddenly: twice I hardly was crushed by one. My revenge is to cook the pears in many ways.

Or should I say "I just escaped being crushed"? My grammar is wobbly.

Those are amazing photos! The ones showing traces of the bear, too! I agree, this is a wonderful time of year! How long has that unusual squirrel been around?

Kellie! Great Big Sea is coming back to Boulder in March 2013!!

It's the first time I have ever seen her, so not long. She's pretty small, so I suspect she's part of this year's 'crop.'

And yes, I just saw that yesterday! We should plan to go!

Yes! Celebrate the Equinox at the same time! I'm in!

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