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Fic rec
I have an Avengers BigBang fic rec for those of you who enjoy Steve/Tony.  Though most of the fic is more of a teamfic, it does have some STony in it.

Containment by D (come_feed_the_rain)

Caveat: This was written by a friend and I did a minor amount of beta on it so I may be a tad prejudiced, but I think it's excellent!

eta:  and as long as we're talking about things Marvel, the first Iron Man 3 trailer has been released.  Wow. (ganked from [personal profile] bethbethbeth )

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I know!! Augh!

But what the hell did they do to Ben Kingsley's voice??

Oh, and the fic, I now see it's the one I stayed up way too late to read last night. :)

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