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Counting Crows, and everything else!
It's time for the annual Great Backyard Bird Count!

February 15-18

The GBBC is a cool citizen-science effort where tens of thousands of bird watchers from around the world get outside (or even just look out their windows!) and start counting the birds in their communities to help inform scientists and conservationists on how best to protect bird populations. It takes as little as 15 minutes, or you can count all weekend long. And it's fun. If you're unsure about identifying birds, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology has a fabulous online reference site. In past years the counters were limited to North America but I believe this year they have gone global.

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That's kinda cool!

I was reading an article about this swamp/bog in mid-Minnesota being an Audubon Important Bird Area, who knew?? Apparently you can see birds there that rarely venture out of the Arctic!

It would be cool to go up there sometime and see what we could see, not that I know a ton about birds.

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