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Bad Night
Our housemate committed suicide tonight. The cops & coroner just finished up and left. She'd been talking about doing it for so long we didn't really think she would do it, but when I heard that shot, I knew instantly what it was. I feel a weird combination of sad, angry, and weirdly relieved, and a bit worried about how we will cope with the expenses associated with this. We don't really know yet what's next - the coroner's office needs to contact her family before we can figure out what arrangements to make.

She broke the one promise I made her make to me years ago - that she would not make me be the person to find her if she did kill herself. From what the coroner said, it seems like she had not been taking her medications - she said the found a huge number of unopened prescriptions.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Mental illness is a horrible thing and brings a darkness not only to victim, but to friends and family as well.

Oh, that has to be all sorts of traumatic. I'm sorry the two of you are having to deal with that.

OMG, Kellie. OMG. I'm here. I have no idea what I can do from here, but I'm here.

I'd been thinking of her recently for some reason. OMG.

If you want to write, it's silme13 at yahoo dot com.

I didn't think she kept the guns at home. For some reason, I thought they'd been at some sort of gun club.

Her family might be able to help out financially. Was she still close to her sister? Wasn't it her sister and her sister's children? And everybody else. I know I can't give much, but if everybody who used to be in the group can pitch in. Some people can do more than others financially, I know.

I'm not making my sense, I know. I'll write more later. {hugs}

It's pretty awful. She has really been going downhill lately, perhaps you picked up on that psychically, since you knew her too. The coroner is supposed to notify her family - we found numbers in her phone and gave them to the investigator. I asked the coroner to have the family contact me once they are notified so we can figure out what to do. Thanks for the hug, they are appreciated. The landlord is going to help us get her stuff sorted out and most of it thrown away. She had become kind of a hoarder in the past 3 years or so, so there is a ton of just plain junk and trash.

I'm sorry.

My brother committed suicide too (with my father's truck). It was years ago, but I still remember my mother's incomprehension (since nobody in the family saw it coming).

Even if she talked about it, you never think they'll do it...


Exactly. I really appreciate the hugs.

Holy shit, that's awful in every way.

OMG, hon, that is awful. I'm so sorry for you guys, especially in having to deal with the aftermath of the whole thing. {{hug}}

Thank you, it's definitely a nightmare.

OMG Kellie, I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

Thanks, hon. Appreciated.

I am so sorry for your loss, and that you had to go through that. Hugs.

My sympathies on this awfulness. I'm so sorry you had to be the one to discover her. Sending you strengthening vibes to get through the whole ordeal.

Thank you, very much appreciated.

I'm so sorry - what a horrible thing to have happen. You're in my thoughts.

Thank you, very much appreciated.

Kellie, I am sorry for you loss, and the horrible way it happened. If I can help in any way, please let me know..

Thank you, very much appreciated. Do you still work for SS? If so, I may need to ask you how to go about notifying them.

Oh dear lord, Kellie. I am beyond sorry to hear you have had to deal with this. And I know that for years you offered support and friendship to your housemate and dealt with all the unhappiness you got in return.

I hope this awful event is something you can get past with a minimun of trauma. My thoughts are for you, not for your housemate, really, though she was a troubled person.

Thanks hon. In many ways we already mourned her, as she had not been the friend we remembered in a long time.

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