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Ten of the former housemate's family came in last night, and we spent the day sorting and throwing stuff away. We filled one dumpster (full size, not a small one) to the brim, had it taken away and a new one delivered. O.o Also took several loads to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, and set aside a bunch of stuff for the rummage sale my brother and SIL's church holds every summer. Her family did most of the work, thank goodness. They will be back tomorrow to continue, along with 3 more relatives to help. I'm so grateful for all the help- the idea of tackling it alone was daunting! Her family is a really good group of people.

Her family has found something like a year's worth of unopened prescriptions down in her room. So that makes it even longer than we'd already discovered that she had been off her meds and only using pot. x.X  Things makes so much more sense now. Also makes more sense why she was so weird during her brief stint in committment a few months ago -- she went from being on no meds except pot to double what she was supposed to be taking but wasn't.

Our kitties were incredibly unhappy when we let them out after her family's left for the night.  (We had to lock them upstairs all day) Then they seriously WTF-ed at her living room area being half clean. Poor boys. I feel bad we have to do it again tomorrow. We did have them in more than just the bathroom (where their water is, also brought their food up) but Riku being a brat pushed one of my window screens out. (The bathroom connects to my room via a second door.) We discovered he'd climbed down a pine tree and come in the front door that was wide open, which none of us noticed somehow o.O, and went upstairs to lay on his heating pad. Sora in the meantime had been hiding under my bed. "AHH, THUNDER. AHH, RIKU WENT -OUT THERRREEE-"
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Kaiser should be in so much trouble. I don't understand how a responsible doctor or therapist couldn't notice what was going on and just keep acting as normal. It sounds as if the doctor just kept prescribing meds without checking the patient, which is horribly irresponsible.

I'm glad so many members of her family are there to help.

Kaiser failed her so miserably it's ridiculous. I definitely need to write letters to several people about this.

There could be a potential malpractice suit, but I doubt that you nor her family really want to deal with it.

When I was visiting my mom in October 2001 and saw that she seemed to have Alzeimer's (turned out to be dementia caused by a series of mini-strokes), I was furious with her doctor. See, her original doctor suspected something was up and wanted to run tests before refilling her prescriptions. Mom freaked out -- she told me that the doctor thought she was crazy (CAT scan, MRI etc. tests had been discussed) and switched doctors. The new doc? He didn't even see her. His office merely took down her account of the meds she was on and issued brand new refillable prescriptions!!! My sister couldn't get through to him, although she called multiple times. Having worked at the women's clinic, I knew how to get him to return my call. I told the office staff that we suspected Alzheimer's, he'd not actually seen her and there could be a malpractice case. He called me back that evening. It was amazing how fast he wanted to see her then. :(

Sometimes doctors make me so angry. Kaiser failed Amanda entirely. My mother's new doctor would have failed her had I not intervened. I am so grateful that I have an excellent GP.

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