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OMG, so. frakkin. tired. In the past three days we have filled up a 20 cubic yard rolloff with *stuff*. Probably about half of it belonged to the former housemate- stuff that got missed when the family was here either because she had stealthily put it on our side of the garage (30 year old scuba gear, mouse-shredded tents, ancient skis, a bike, boxes of dishes...) or it was stuff we told them we would deal with like all her out-of-date food.

The rest was ours- stuff that we just never used any more, or it was something we'd replaced and we couldn't quite bring ourselves to pitch it because surely someone could use it. And lots of empty boxes we saved because 'we might need it someday', etc., etc., We've also been totally ruthless with books, I have boxes and boxes of books I have accumulated over the years but haven't read in ages. They will probably go to Goodwill or ARC because I can't bring myself to throw books away.

Once we had the garage all cleaned of 'stuff' we had to sweep out the all the utterly revolting mouse turds that were everywhere in the garage. We've both had to use our asthma inhalers several times, and Kham had a really bad attack. I'm feeling a bit paranoid about hantavirus right now.

We still have a bit more to do tomorrow to get the furniture completely cleared off and ready to move Monday morning so the new carpet can be installed. But I think the amount we've already done is amazing! I am feeling very proud of us, especially since between the two of us we might comprise 3/4ths of a healthy person. My ex did help some today for a couple of hours, helping us get the heaviest stuff into the rolloff
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Go you! That's a lot accomplished, and the house is going to look so much better when you're done.

It really will. That's the goal we're striving for!

In the past three days we have filled up a 20 cubic yard rolloff with *stuff*.

That's a lot of stuff!
Go you!

I can't bring myself to throw books away.

Neither can I. And I can't even give them away because they're in English. Up here, not so popular :-(

Bummer about the books! We're really happy about this 'purge' - we were inspired to do it by the nightmare it's been trying to clean up after the deceased housemate. We never want to let our stuff get out of control like that, and it's all too easy to do.

We need to clean out our garage. It's stuffed to the max with stuff, some of which really needs to go. Congrats on getting rid of so much! I hate to get rid of books also, but sometimes they have to go. And, yes, I'll send them to charity shops as well rather than just throwing them away. :)

M showed up? How did you manage that? (Why do I have a feeling that stuff of his was still in the garage?!)

Carpeting? In the garage? I'm forgetting what your garage is like, I fear.

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